Basic Jewellery Care

While jewellery is durable, it requires various levels of care.
For example, some jewellery pieces are very sensitive and vulnerable to household chemicals and changing of temperatures. Thus cleaning jewellery presents special challenges.
Follow these guidelines below to care for your jewellery.


After removing your jewellery, clean it by following the directions and instructions on your jewellery cleaner like the “Connoisseurs” jewellery cleaner we sell at Something Feminine. Make sure that the jewellery cleaner specifies that it is safe to use with your specific jewellery item. After cleaning, to ensure that your jewellery does not get damaged, make sure you rinse your jewellery item with lukewarm water and ensure the cleaner is completely rinsed off. Use a soft Jewellery cloth to remove any remaining dirt or residue.


Store your jewellery in a lined box or a soft cloth, so the gems do not touch each other or parts of other jewellery. Gemstones are harder than gold, silver, or platinum and can scratch the surfaces of your other fine jewellery if they are not kept separate.


While it’s true that gemstones such as ruby and sapphire are second only to diamond on the hardness scale, but this does not mean they are indestructible. Abrasive surfaces, harsh chemicals, and sharp blows can damage even the hardest gem or diamond. Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed and the first thing you take off at the end of the night. Store your jewellery carefully and it will be enjoyed for generations.

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